Monday, April 16, 2007

Writing On Week Four

This weekend was a writing treat, as well as a retreat. On Friday night, Gary Hyland read at The Black Stilt from his most recent collection of poetry titled, Hands Reaching In Water. I had heard Gary read at Mocambopo last year and also attended a Sheri-D workshop with him. Gary is a large advocate of the writing that occurs in his native Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, and a generous soul. He bought a copy of my book, which I tried to press on him as a gift. No dice - he was determined to help out a younger, aspiring writer. The evening was a gift.

On Saturday, we (my unexploited boyfriend and I) drove to Nanaimo to attend the 30th Anniversary of the Federation of BC Writers. My writing colleague, Yvonne Blomer, also attended. The event was hosted by David Fraser, the Regional representative of the Federation, and proved to be an entertaining afternoon. I was glad to have a new audience, and thrilled to sell three copies of my book before jumping in our car and heading back down the island. In truth, it was a treat simply to be out of Victoria for a few hours on a gorgeous spring day.

Thank you to those of you who have left comments and sent emails to let me know that the blog is working, and not just on a technical level. I am excited to keep up a weekly writing profile and engage in any writing-related thoughts, debates, tips or events that we all have to share. I'm also going to create a section for any recommended books or particular writers - so please add your favourites. Lately, I am concentrating more on reading and studying, than cannon-balling into my own work. I have a healthy list to start from with writers waiting patiently to be revisited on my bookshelf from university days, and courtesy of my poetry retreats with Patrick Lane. I'm also making a better effort to bend the spines on the monthly literary journals that come into my mailbox. However, with that said, there are so many dynamic and evocative voices, new and old, so I would appreciate knowing of any writers that knock the wind out of you!

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ehj said...

You are a very talented writer, Andrea. I look forward to reading more of your writings, poems, etc.