Monday, April 30, 2007

Photo Gallery - National Poetry Month Readings 2007

Poetica Erotica April 21st, Bean Around the World Cafe

Barbara Pelman, Andrea McKenzie, David Pimm, Cynthia Woodman Kerkham, Yvonne Blomer (no photo), and other sexy readers

When you touch me just there, well,

you know what will happen.

I’ll arch forward to meet your finger

touch tip from nose to toe

and ohhhh, a small flick of

something just wet enough to taste –

and sometimes a tongue in your ear

left too long is, well, just a tongue

in your ear.

So, don’t stay there too long

if you don’t want me to giggle –

if you want a different kind of

uncontrollable wiggle of body to breast

to bum and oh! just touch me some.

by Andrea McKenzie

The Black Stilt Cafe, April 27

Andrea McKenzie and Sean Horlor

Dark Horse Books, April 29

Barbara Pelman, Eric Miller, Yvonne Blomer, Allan Brown and Andrea McKenzie

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