Monday, June 8, 2009

Poetry to prose, and back again

Through unfavourable circumstances, I am now able to concentrate on my writing at home. Unfortunately, I was not able to cope in my day job due to unnecessary stress imposed upon me. I am feeling more motivated now to wrap up one or two writing projects that are near completion, before our little one arrives at the end of the summer.

My two main projects are completing my novel manuscript and finding a home for my 2nd poetry manuscript. I have taken an interest in screenwriting -- especially with my draft novel in mind. Recently I enrolled in a two-day screenwriting workshop, and am feeling inspired to explore this new genre. It seems I am moving away from poetry for the moment, although the poems are always there. There are so many different worlds of writing. Every world of writing also seems daunting and foreign until you learn the rules and the mold. It is a brave case of jumping in to see how deep the waters run.

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