Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Morning Couplets

After the gift giving, paper unwrapped and turkey stuffed,
we lie mesmerized in our new luxuries and reflect on twelve months of plenty.

The year creeps away; remnants of Christmas live in drawers and messages on the phone, a card in the mail, snowflakes held like canopied balloons on New Year’s Eve.

A new year of chance, we spend the first day betting
on low and high cards; we wait for the dealer with hopeful hands.

The computer screen flickers a greeting; the cat watches
from the far armchair, startled by my early morning.

A couple of pills popped mask the sharp pang of Monday;
the weekend residue dissipates into beer and late nights.

Icy roads, the sliding of classical movements;
a high flute, soft snow – or is the air moving frozen air?

This morning, filled with intention, slips through cracks
of sunlight; how my floor is joined, I exist in-between.

A new connection, another woman’s words on the screen;
I invited this – the past woven with present, and welcomed it.

We rise together in a working life, staggered showers
and the first to put on the kettle; a happy shift.

Piano music occupies spacious thoughts; notes remembered
better than words; a jumble of sound that creates order.

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