Sunday, November 18, 2007


Karen Chester (grand prize winner) and me

Last month I entered a poetry contest through Cafe Fairfield, and this past week I received a book prize as a runner-up. There were three of us - a grand prize winner ($50 and a book) and two runners-up. Okay, it wasn't a first prize of $1,000, but I don't really care. This was my first prize for writing poetry.

My significant other continues to remind me that I was a short-listed participant in the CBC Radio poetry slam in March 2006. I was paid for my efforts (handsomely, I might add). So, perhaps I do exaggerate when I say this is my first prize or acknowledgement. To put it into better perspective, it is the first time I entered a contest, received a phonecall, showed up, shook someone's hand and received a prize (in this case, I won a book), and then was able to showcase my poem. It was a sign of encouragement to keep going, and that there will be more opportunities to earn prizes in the future.

Thank you Cafe Fairfield!


kristina said...

Yay, Andrea!! Congratulations.

Stephen said...

Hey, congratulations Andrea!!

Barbara Julian said...

So glad you enjoyed your Cafe Fairfield experience Andrea -- and now that WE know about YOU we'll be pestering you for poems forever! Next "assignment" is bring a tree poem Jan. 27th, 2 pm -- for our "Tree Cabaret". Thx again, Barbara Julian, C.F.