Thursday, September 6, 2007

Writing on Week Seventeen

A Writing Room of One's Own

I am posting this blog entry from my first writing room, and it's been a long time a-coming. I am also posting this from my first 'stand alone' house. Who says a writer has to be starving? Well, after the mortgage payments we might be, but that's alright. I have a writing room --and it is far away from the television set. I have been used to balancing my laptop on my lap, on the couch, in front of the TV for so long... now sitting at a real writing table, being flanked by my stocked bookshelves and inspirational decor is, well, heaven... if you believe in that sort of thing. Next, paint. A warm colour that will draw me in, but not give me an additional headache (writers tend to rub their foreheads a lot).

My co-homeowner has also donated his beloved reading chair to my room... a simple reclining chair with blue padded fabric from IKEA. Ah, the poetry books I'll savour there... Okay, I know I'm going on a bit. It is all I can do to stay in my desk chair, writing, and not dancing around the room like Natalie in West Side Story.

At work, it is sometimes mildly distracting, thinking of my room and the ideas hatching...

I have already been more productive in this room over the past week, then I have been all summer. In my defense, house-buying, -selling, and -moving is a labour.

I have completed and sent off another poetry review to a certain online and print magazine (I will reveal more details if, and when, the review is published), and I am gradually preparing for my commitment to Random Acts of Poetry in October. Already, I am scoping out likely, less-intimidating people on the bus to share my poems with.

Today, my official announcement for a lunchtime poetry reading at work was sent out. The internal Communications Coordinator was kind enough to create a snazzy event poster for me. I feel encouragement all around, and I know it will be a great time.

For now, the reality of my day job looms and the evening has disappeared, yet again, so I will end here... happy to dream about my writing space, knowing I will find it is still here in the morning.

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Sean said...

Congrats on your own writing space! What a difference that can make.

PS - You might want to try Google Analytics to track your website traffic, especially now that you're driving so much to your site these days. ;-)