Friday, May 4, 2007

Writing On Week Seven

A space to write. This seems like a simple concept, and that any space large enough for a pen, paper and a little elbow room is enough space. Sometimes, finding space can be the most difficult part of writing. Not only does a writer need to have physical space, but also to be in the
'right space'. At the moment, my space is a cubby hole closet and, when my neighbour's wireless connection is strong enough, I can move my space into the living room.

I look forward to the day when I have a home office to write, a place where I know I can go to and work without having to balance my writing materials on my knee. Organization is the key and I have a growing list of writing projects. I'll be happy if they are completed in the next ten years, or longer. My second poetry book, chapbook ideas, editing my novel, a second novel idea, and freelancing articles. These days I'm lucky if I can keep my journal updated.

There are times when you have to let everything go, and write. I tend to put off sleeping and eating (not for too long... I'm not a university student anymore!), simply to finish a favourite book or become engrossed in writing. I'm able to carve out a piece of the clock, settle into my cubby hole or well-worked dent in the couch cushion. From here, I bring words and test my elbow room, for now, balancing my laptop on my knee and juggling stacked books, until I have a writing room of my own.

I'd love to hear about your room to write and your creative spaces... what you need to breathe and get into an energetic writing space. Don't make me too jealous!

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